Xinomavro þrúgan

Kir-Yianni er vel þekkt fyrir Xinomavro þrúguna sína. Xinomavro er rauðvínsþrúga og rauðvínin okkar Naoussa og Diaporos eru af henni.

Kir-Yianni lýsir þrúgunni með etirfarandi hætti:

“Xinomavro, “acid and black” in Greek, is one of the world’s rarest noble red grapes originating from Northwestern Greece. Despite its sensitivity to suboptimal conditions and disease outbreaks, it is endowed with a divine talent for unforgettable wines.

Even if Xinomavro can be compared to Nebbiolo-based Barolos or to Burgundy Pinot Noirs, thanks to its firm structure and complex aromatic profile, its character can only be described as unique. Over the decades, in Kir-Yianni we have learned how to master its fickle nature with the aim of producing world-class wines.

High in acidity (Xino-, acid), rich in phenols, with a deep, black colour (-mavro, black) and powerful tannins, Xinomavro wines can age for many years, sometimes decades. Thanks to its particular and powerful character, composed of red fruit and vegetal aromas of tomato and olive, Xinomavro has acquired a steadily increasing number of dedicated friends, in Greece and abroad.”

Diaporos Naoussa Rauðvín